How to Brighten Up a Dull Room

Do you have a room that doesn’t have that warm, relaxing feeling, here are some suggestions to help.

First, there are details that you can incorporate to the architecture of a room that will add complexity and character. Crown molding, for example, is a beautiful addition that will grant your room an air of luxury and sophistication.

The same applies to base boards, which can be exchanged for slightly taller ones to achieve a glamorous look. You can also paint the wood moldings to add to your windows and doors.

To add texture and depth to your room there are several painting techniques that you can use. You can create a denim look with a special kit purchased from your local paint store, or simulate linen with a special brush bought for a marginal price.

Another avenue you can use is to add a wallpaper border or wallpaper the walls for added design. To add an extra design element to your room, try making your own artwork by using your child’s artwork and arranging them in a unique arrangement. Or try taking your favorite photos and putting them in designer looking frames .

To help with the proper placement of the artwork, cut out a template of the exact size of each piece. This allows you to preview the result of each arrangement without damaging your walls and leaving unwanted holes.
Once you find an artwork layout that suits you, use the templates to set up the position of your nails.

Remove the paper and hang the painting. This will make it easier to find the correct design position for your artwork and will save you lets of time.